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Turin, Italy, 1 September 2021. The newly rebranded IM GROUP (previously Inkmaker Group) recently hosted a security seminar, for students of the prestigious ITCILO (International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization), in Turin.

The fourteen students of different nationalities, who are participating in a master's degree at the centre, were greeted and introduced to the group by Christophe Rizzo, CEO EMEA /Americas, IM GROUP together with the group’s consultant Dario Boeris, Prosystem Engineering, and the group’s RSSP, who explained how “Health and Safety” is managed and organised within IM GROUP. 

“This is an event that we have all been looking forward to and our students found it very stimulating. IM GROUP is an acclaimed and internationally recognised leader in its field, and we are very proud of their Turin origins. I’d like to thank IM GROUP’s leaders Valentina Cigna and Christophe Rizzo and all involved for making this great opportunity a success during challenging circumstances,” said Dr. Liza Zambernardi of ITCILO in Turin, responsible for organising the event.

The day concluded with the students being given a personal tour, of the production site at IM GROUP’s headquarters in Turin, by Valentina Cigna, President and Global HR director, IM GROUP, and Andrea Maffione, Production Planner, Inkmaker Worldwide. 


The International Labour Organization (ILO), part of the United Nations—whose Governing Body unanimously adopted the Centre’s statute and created, the International Training Centre in Turin—has been at the forefront of learning and training since it was established, in collaboration with the Italian Government, in 1964. It has been promoting Decent Work ethics and sustainable development, especially by addressing the social partners of developing countries, organising workshops and courses on various issues relating to work, in which work organisations converge, employers, governments, or other partners, to dialogue and develop their institutional capacities.

“We are very honoured to have been chosen to host this event and, on behalf of IM GROUP, I would like to thank ITCILO for this wonderful experience and to Ing. Dario Boeris who has always assisted us, with competence and diligence, on all aspects concerning safety at the workplace. We look forward to hosting more, such events, in the future,” concluded Ms. Cigna.