Easypaint Water based

Integrated Product Concept

Market trends show a constant increase of smaller batches and their production, using conventional methods, requires a great amount of time generating an ever-increasing number of over makes.

Inkmaker EASYPAINT production system has been specifically designed to resolve the issues related to the production of small and medium batches.

Easypaint Water based


With EASYPAINT it is possible to:

  • Eliminate human errors
  • Offer more colours choices
  • Achieve faster production times with "just in time" production
  • Eliminate costly QC operations
  • Guarantee maximum colour matching precision
  • Reduce & rationalise stock: with EASYPAINT you only need a handful of basic components; this greatly simplifies your semi-finished products management and optimises the floor area with a substantial reduction in storage requirements
  • Control all operation through our specifically developed software
  • Boost plant productivity
  • Reduce labour cost
  • Guarantee absolute production traceability

In Can Tinting Solution

In Batch Tinting Solution